Collateral Onboarding Stakeholders


MakerDAO Community: All participants and contributors to the Maker ecosystem, such as community members, developers, users, and MKR holders.
Maker Integrators: All projects performing a technical integration with the Maker Protocol, such as exchanges, wallets integrating with DAI, MKR or Vaults, DeFi Dapps, Payment gateways, Market makers, Keepers, and much more.
Domain Teams (Collateral Onboarding): Collateral Onboarding Domain Teams receive mandates (elected by MKR holders through governance) to work for MakerDAO. The domain teams perform defined duties for the DAO, such as smart contract maintenance, and development, and risk analysis. These teams consist of Risk, Oracles, and Smart Contracts.
MKR Holders (Governors): MKR token holders, who are the primary stakeholders of the system, vote using the Maker Protocol's on-chain governance system. There are two types of votes in this system, Governance Polls, and Executive Votes. Anyone who owns MKR can participate in these votes. The primary responsibility of MKR holders is to ensure the stability of the Dai Peg and the overall health of the Maker Protocol. MKR holders’ interests align with the improvement and growth of the Maker Protocol by building out the governance processes and infrastructure that enable the effective management of the system. This includes, but is not limited to, establishing risk assessment standards for onboarding new Collateral and Vault types, ratifying role mandates, electing appropriate parties, establishing standards around vote types, and much more.
Collateral Onboarding Application Proposers: Maker community members and third-party projects use the MIP6 Collateral Onboarding application to propose new collateral types to the Maker Protocol (via the official MakerDAO forums) for the collateral onboarding domain teams to consider onboarding.

Diagram Overview of the Collateral Onboarding Stakeholders

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