Collateral Onboarding Funding (Grants)


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    Collateral Onboarding Grant V1
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    Initial Grant Funding Collaborative Structure
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    Get Started Once Approved

1. Introduction

The Collateral Onboarding initiative seeks to incentivize and reward contributors who coordinate around a directed objective: successfully onboard reliable and diverse collateral.
Initially, funds will be allocated in the form of grants centered around defined milestones.

2. Collateral Onboarding Grant V1

The initial grant runs from September 18, 2020, to November 30, 2020, with the goal to achieve 250-500 million Dai supply from new collateral types.
The Collateral Onboarding Grant funds community members interested in working on this initiative. It also provides a special incentive (and largest grant to date) for rewarding collective collaboration:
  • In addition to receiving a grant for outlined work, a grant incentive of 75,000 Dai (split amongst participating grantees and domain teams working on collateral onboarding) will be released at a 250 million Dai milestone, with a second additional fund release of 100,000 Dai at the 500 million Dai milestone. See details in the original Maker Forum post, and feel free to ask questions.

3. Initial Grant Funding Collaborative Structure

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a grant and collaborate with individuals and domain teams.

Apply for a Grant

1. Choose a domain related to your expertise: Community members can contribute to any domain appropriate to their skillset(s) (e.g., Smart Contracts, Risk, Oracles, Legal, Project Management, Partnerships, Communications). If a domain related to a specific area of expertise does not yet exist, contributors are encouraged to reach out to Amy Jung, Grants Coordinator (@amy.jung on MakerDAO channel).
2. Choose a contribution role type:
  • Domain Contributor: An individual who can contribute generally to a domain. (Hourly rate of 60 Dai.)
  • Collateral Assessment Contributor: An individual or team interested in leading or supporting collateral assessments. (The proposal is per collateral assessment)
  • Project Consultant (Independent or Team): A self-directed individual or team interested in bringing a specialized skill set such as on-chain data analytics. (Grantee is expected to propose the scope.)
3. Deliver your application. Send the info outlined above, along with a relevant CV, portfolio of work, or Github URL, to Amy Jung, Grants Coordinator (@amy.jung on MakerDAO channel).

4. Get Started Once Approved

4. Connect with the Domain Facilitator: Domain Facilitators provide contributors with an overview of work to be done. For example;
  • Collateral onboarding assessments for domains (Risk, Smart Contracts, Oracles, Legal)
  • Development work for Smart Contracts and Oracles
  • Domain team MIP and communications support
  • Collateral prioritization framework development
  • Collateral partner communication and management
5. Start Work: Clear communication with Domain Facilitators is expected all along the way. This includes but is not limited to weekly updates/syncs to discuss progress.
6. Work Submission: Domain Facilitators will confirm work completion for grant payout, while grantees produce an overview or template of learned processes to further promote community domain knowledge sharing.
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