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    Learning Objectives
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    Collateral Onboarding Stakeholder Ecosystem
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    Stakeholder Alignment Process
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1. Overview

Level: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes
This guide provides an overview of the collateral onboarding coordination and communication processes involved when adding collateral types to the Maker Protocol. The entire Maker community is encouraged to use the guide as a reference and to better navigate and follow the latest status updates regarding collateral onboarding.

2. Learning Objective

To completely understand the collateral onboarding coordination and communications processes.

4. Collateral Onboarding Stakeholder Alignment Process

The Collateral Onboarding stakeholder alignment process is a crucial part of ensuring successful collateral onboarding to the Maker Protocol. A defined and coordinated process enables transparency, providing the MakerDAO community with insight and updates as to the progress of assets being onboarded.


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    Each Tuesday, Mandated Actors discuss progress on current domain and collateral onboarding work, as well as up-coming work
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    The Risk, Oracles, and Smart Contracts Domain teams begin assessing the collateral types selected for prioritization and, ultimately, implementation.
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    Domain team assessments are posted to the domain work section of the Maker Forum and to the collateral-onboarding-updates-ext Rocket.Chat Channel.
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    A Governance Poll is queued up by the Governance Facilitator for the following Monday.
    • Executive Votes for collateral onboarding typically occur within 30 days of the Governance Poll passing, absent external factors.
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    Updates on timing are provided in the collateral-onboarding-updates-ext RC channel and/or the forums.
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    The final details of the domain teams’ work are shared in the collateral-onboarding-updates-ext Rocket.Chat channel and the specific collateral type forum threads.
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    The Executive spell is created:
    • The Smart contracts domain team uses the Collateral Onboarding Executive Spell Smart Contract Contribution Checklist to complete the spell for adding the relevant collateral types. To learn about the Executive Spell workflow, see the Spell Implementation Process spreadsheet.
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    Updates are posted to collateral-onboarding-updates-ext Rocket.Chat channel.
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    The Executive Vote is published to the Governance Portal.
    • Publication occurs within 30 days of the Governance Poll passing, typically on the Friday of the week in which the Executive Spell is finalized and tested. All information on timing is publicly communicated.
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    If the Executive Vote passes, the collateral type(s) is added to the Maker Protocol, and the addition communicated on Maker social channels (Twitter, the Maker blog, and Rocket.Chat).
Note: Verbal updates by domain teams are provided on the Governance & Risk call each Thursday, and are documented in the publicly shared call summaries posted on the Maker Forum, Twitter, and Github.

5. Resources

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