Collateral Onboarding Prioritization Framework


The Collateral Onboarding Prioritization Framework compares and prioritizes proposed collateral types based on defined metrics and weights. The metrics and weights feed a scoring system used to stimulate thoughtful discussions and help inform the domain teams on which collateral types to prioritize. It’s important to note that the scoring system is not the only tool used to help determine collateral asset prioritization. The collateral onboarding domain teams may also pursue collateral types previously deferred by the Community Greenlight Polls or those that have yet to be greenlit by the Maker Governance community.

Purpose of the Collateral Onboarding Prioritization Framework

The Framework was created to allow Domain Teams, Working Groups, and external contributors to provide an overview of collateral types, their onboarding status, and their different characteristics. Additionally, the Framework aims to provide transparency to the broader community and a common ground for discussions and potential future collaboration.

Where the Framework Lives

The Collateral Prioritization framework can be found on this Google Sheet.

More Information

Read more about the Collateral Onboarding Prioritization Framework here.
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